About us

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Taking you back to the mid 90s and the sound of all of our favourite hard trance labels. Atom Trance Force (ATF) brings you hard trance for 2020 and beyond in both 12" vinyl and digital formats.

Labels we love and respect include (but are not limited to): Tunnel, EDM, Fog Area, Orbit-A, Noom, Atoom, Harem, Master Maximum Trance Traxx, United Ravers, UK44, Sound of the Bomb, No Respect, Made in DJ, Intercord Tonträger GmbH, DJ's Present, Bonzai, Bonzai Jumps, BIT Music and Space Flower.

We were originally an experimental outlet for own music: Andy (Micropulse, Andromeda) and Alan (Source Code, Lozza) to showcase both the classic hard trance sound as well as our sometimes more modern take. We have also acquired the talents of Orbit (Jay Rowntree) to add to our current roster of releases.

A lot of what you see/hear of our work online will be so far unreleased, however, please bear with us as we try to get as much out on vinyl (and subsequently digital) as we can, given the limitations of the industry at the time of writing (2021).

Finally, in addition to the aforementioned labels and in no particular order, our inspiration is taken from artists such as: Atomic Junkies, Gollum, Manga, Gary D, Etienne Picard, Los Bonitos, Mega 'Lo Mania, Norman Taylor, Lovin' Loop, M-Zone, Commander Tom, Rexanthony, Jon The Dentist, Cocooma, Tibby, Dean, Mellow-D, Aqualoop, Haze Maze, Artemis, Proxyma & B-Voice.

Atom Trance Force

P.S. Contact: [email protected]